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Narrative Work

Beacon Point


This film has been theatrically exhibited across the country and has found distribution via Cable TV, Amazon, Redbox, iTunes, and Walmart.

With Rae Oliver, Jon Briddell, Eric Goins, Jason Burkey and RJ Shearer.  Eric Blue, dir.

Lost Crossing


A run-away girl is befriended by a mysterious older women in this 30 minute drama.


starring Melissa McBride and Carrie Rose-Menocal.  Eric Blue, dir,  30 mins.

This Side Up


Things don't quite go as planned when a stoner decides to ship himself as a package so he can visit his girlfriend.  


With Eric Phillips, Franco Casten, Eric Goins, Tim Stoltenberg, and Njema Williams.  Eric Blue, dir.

The Party


Short film and Grand Prize winner of the 168 Hour Festival (2010).  A young girl takes things into her own hands to deal with her father's excessive drinking.


With Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Jeff Rose, and Carrie Walrond.  All three who took home Best Acting awards as well as writer, Scott Ippolito and Producer, Helen Urriola, and director Jim McKinney.



A man (played by Chris Gral), must persue a quixotic message in this psychological thriller. In the process he learns more than he'd like to about his past and himself.


Starring Chris Grall and directed by Eric Blue. 


Broken Moment


An enigmatic short film with Gothic Americana overtones.


With Jason MacDonald and Catherine Dyer.  Eric Blue, dir.

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